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Discount Asp została założona w 2002 i jest obecnie 16 w biznesie.

Tytuł strony

ASP.NET Hosting, ASP .NET Web Hosting, SQL Hosting, Windows 2008 Webhosting, Silverlight Hosting, MVC hosting, AJAX Hosting, LINQ Hosting at DiscountASP.NET

Opis strony

ASP.NET hosting, SQL hosting, MVC Hosting, Silverlight 3.0 2.0 hosting, AJAX Hosting, LINQ Hosting, Microsoft Windows 2008 hosting, iis7 hosting, Windows 2003 hosting, iis6 hosting.

Informacje Kontaktowe

DiscountASP.NET 80 W. Sierra Madre Blvd, Unit #273 Sierra Madre, CA 91024 Voice/Fax: (626) 628-3430 Technical Support: support@discountasp.net Signup Problems: sales@discountasp.net Billing Department: billing@discountasp.net

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  • Jaka jest gwarancja zwrotu pieniędzy?
    We do offer a 30 day money back guarantee. This allows customers to test us out. If you are unhappy with our hosting services and you cancel within your first 30 days, we will refund your money (this does not apply to new domain name registration as a new domain name cannot be 'unregistered').
  • Jaki jest średni uptime?
    We do not provide an SLA or uptime statistics for specific servers or services. If you read a typical web hosting SLA closely you will find that it does not guarantee uptime at all, as several exclusions are usually present, and those exclusions cover the bulk of the typical outage scenarios. For that reason the typical web hosting SLA is somewhat deceptive, so we forgo the SLA and choose not to make unrealistic promises. If you need uptime guarantees, you can certainly find hosts that will provide them, but the cost of service at those hosts is far above our price range. And even at rates of ten or twenty times what we charge, no host can guarantee uninterrupted service. Instead what most offer is to minimally reimburse you for downtime that exceeds a certain time threshold.
  • Jaki jest czas reakcji działu pomocy, którą oferujemy?
    We provide 24/7 technical support via email. Our average response time is under 1.5 hours (usually much faster during business hours). We will respond to every ticket within 12 hours. We keep our technical support in house rather than outsource to other companies and countries like many other hosts. We do realize however there are times when it will be much more efficient to answer tech/sales questions over the phone that is why we will call our customers, if necessary.
  • Czy macie jakieś kupony lub zniżki?
    Currently we are offering a special promotion of 3 months FREE for new annual accounts only (this promotion does not apply to add-ons). The way our promotion works is that when you sign up as an annual customer, you will pay $90 for your first year of hosting, instead of the regular $120 (i.e. $10/mo). This is a savings of $30 which is equivalent to 3 months FREE. For your second year, the cost will be the regular $120/year (i.e. $10/mo).
  • Co jeszcze możesz powiedzieć na temat swojej firmy i usług?
    We focus on offering the best value in Windows based shared hosting. We do not spend our resources trying to be everything to everybody like other hosts. We don't do unix, linux, virtual private servers, dedicated server hosting. We built our own hosting automation system based on advanced ASP.NET technology. Therefore, it is very efficient, designed for agility in launching new .NET technology and we can pass the savings onto our customers. We have expertise in ASP.NET and we can prove it. We built our own hosting automation system, website, and control panel using advanced ASP.NET technology. We even allow you to check out a Control Panel Demo (http://discountasp.net/sp_cpdemo.aspx) We are a small team of talented experienced people. Some of our staff have owned and operated profitable web hosting businesses that were sold before the Internet bubble bust. They have worked in management executive roles at very big hosting companies. Other staff members have worked in key roles at other top hosting companies or ran marketing for some big hosting companies. We hand picked these individuals to target this market segment. Every employee at DiscountASP.NET has worked at other hosting companies. We are not trying to be number 1 in the world. Therefore, we have no need to dilute our message. You won't see us advertising that we are the choice in Small to Medium Sized hosting, as other competitors. We do our own customer support. Many competitors outsource their support to other companies and other countries to save costs. Therefore, their staff is totally out of touch with the customers.

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