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  • Od końca 2007 roku katalog ten otrzymał 28,306,221 odwiedzających.

10 Latest Web Hosting Company Reviews 2018

Porównaj, przeczytaj opinię o firmach hostingowych. www.000webhost.com jest darmowym dostawcą usług hostingowych i jest to katalog innych firm hostingowych, które należy wypróbować czy uniknąć! Webmasterzy & użytkownicy takich usług mogą porównać lub napisać opinie na temat niemal każdej darmowej lub płatnej usługi hostingowej. Nasz katalog recenzji jest jednym z największych w internecie, w 100% prawdziwe komentarze użytkowników serwisu.

Opinia o hostinger.com napisane subham prasad 2018/04/03 o 16:28 godz.
I love hostinger. It provides plenty of features and powerful Cpanel-based site in just a fair price. It provide cheapest web hosting service. Hostinger have great servers to provide 100% uptime for all packages.
It provides all types of web hosting packages in just a fair price its just amazing and cool.
Opinia o hostinger.com napisane Narna Bence 2018/04/03 o 12:36 godz.
Imádom, imádom, imádom! A legjobb tárhely szolgáltatás. Magyarországon egyedüliként törtek be úgy a piacra, hogy profi minőségű szerverek futnak az összes adatközpontban. A kiszolgálás perfektül üti az összes általam ismert szolgáltatót, a készenlét kiváló, és a segítség nyújtó csapat is profik körét szélesíti. Tárhely kell? Hostinger!
Opinia o hostinger.com napisane Guneet Kaur 2018/03/26 o 10:29 godz.
I am very satisfied with hostinger services as they are provided at a very nominal price as compared to other service providers. They guarantee 99.99% uptime. According to me, hostinger is a good platform for professional web developers as well as beginners too. Moreover, they have dedicated 24/7 customer support.
Opinia o glowhost.com napisane Molly Black 2018/04/17 o 09:50 godz.
I'd like to thank the staff at Glowhost for their help!. They have always been very professional even though it wasn't a very long period of services I have had with them. They have great communication skills, ables to explain everything clearly and provides good self opinions that customers needed. I also very much appreciate by their fast responses even though it was later than 12am. I was very impressed. They are very helpful, ables to help me solve problems that I requested in a short period as well as providing good explanation to make me understand the problems better. Thank you for great services.
Opinia o everplanet.com napisane phiraphon 2018/04/16 o 11:35 godz.
Opinia o hagenhosting.com napisane phf 2018/04/12 o 18:37 godz.
Horrible, a customer for 15 years, I am still trying to close my account. They state you cannot cancel your account (meaning you accrue monthly charge) if you owe them money. I think they have just become a giant fraud.
Opinia o gigapros.com napisane Luza Wycka 2018/04/12 o 13:57 godz.
The flexibility of Gigapros is truly refreshing and was just what we needed after being disappointed by expensive and rigid companies that failed to see that our needs as their customer is their business. Gigapros seems to know this and so we can recommend them without hesitation.
Opinia o kvchosting.com napisane Derek Adams 2018/04/12 o 13:55 godz.
As a professional web developer I am working for Wordpress and various web hosting company over the last 5 years. I have worked with KVChosting a lot's of times for my clients and I am really satisfied with their services and server performance. Their support is awesome!! Note: Never faced security problem with them!
Opinia o glowhost.com napisane John Snyder 2018/04/12 o 12:19 godz.
I admit that I have become jaded and cynical about tech support these days, presuming I won't get real answers in any kind of reasonable amount of time. I sometimes forget how different it is at Glowhost.com. Thanks for another reminder that, at least somewhere in my world, someone takes customer service and tech support seriously.
Opinia o glowhost.com napisane Kenth Staw 2018/04/11 o 09:17 godz.
Having just dealt with a couple of technical issues, I wanted to take a minute or two and provide some feedback regarding your customer support. I recently began working from home and have had to outfit my office with technology (email, website, etc.) without the benefit of an in-house support person. I believe that the best decision I made was to go with glowhost.com. The level of customer and technical support has been excellent.
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